Feiyue 1920. Back in stock

Following the sell-out launch of our Feiyue ‘1920’ shoe we are pleased to announce a full re-stock in both the black and white colourways.

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feiyue 1920 white trainer shoe

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feiyue 1920 black trainer shoe

The ‘1920’ is a centenary addition of the sneaker that has over 100 years of heritage. It’s roots started in martial arts, being the shoe of choice for shaolin monks practicing kung-fu. Today martial artists across the globe continue to use the shoe given it’s lightweight and flexible construction:

feiyue shoes female martial arts

The shoe was also embraced by the parkour and callisthenics community:

feiyue parkour shoes performer

In 2000’s the traditional shoe was elevated and refined to cater towards a growing European market. New designs were created including the ‘FE LO’ classic and ‘Gold Medal’. Over a million shoes have since been sold in Europe, with France particularly embracing the shoe.

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