Feiyue range. The 2020 Winter sale.

For those who don’t know our history the Feiyue trainer was originally designed and used for Kung Fu in the 1920s and later adopted as a lifestyle sneaker, the ‘Feiyue’ shoe has since become a style icon selling millions of pairs globally.

Check out the current styles across the range below (On sale during winter 2020). Many won't be back in 2021 so cop a classic whilst you can....


The Feiyue limited edition vintage tennis shoe, only available via the Feiyue store and now only £39.99 (From £69.99).

feiyue gold medal trainer shoe


Model, actress and Feiyue super fan joined forces with us this year for the 'Feiyue X Poppy' limited edition collection. Only available via the Feiyue store and now from only £39.99 (From £59.99).

 Feiyue poppy shoe collection


A refined version of our original Feiyue shoe with improved construction and a wide range of options including 'coated canvas' for extra endurance. Still our biggest selling shoes in the range. Only available via the Feiyue store and now from only £24.99.

 Feiyue classic shoe trainer collection range



The original Feiyue plimsol, constructed in China and made famous by the Shoalin Monks daily Kung Fu use.

Only £29.99 use code "1920" at checkout for 10% discount.

Feiyue 1920 plimsol shoe banner



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