feiyue poppy cheetah shoes side
feiyue poppy cheetah shoes side
feiyue poppy cheetah shoes box
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Feiyue Classic | Poppy | Cheetah

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Shoe Description 

Model, Actress and Feiyue super fan Poppy Delevingne brings her own unique twist to the Feiyue range with her "Feiyue x Poppy" collection. 

The "Feiyue x Poppy" collection elevates our classic Feiyue silhouette from a design, aesthetic and construction perspective. Poppy was hands-on during the design process and fashioned the glitter design, embossed star motifs, and higher quality lace, eyelets and box construction to create a unique, premium Feiyue shoe.

We love the design 😍 and hope you enjoy it too. And don't forget...

"The world is a more sparkly place with you in it. Hope you'll dance through life in these shoes! X"

Poppy Delevingne

Poppy shoe sizing - Regular Fit

The Feiyue ‘Poppy' follows a regular fit in comparison to our 'Classic' range. However, sizes vary from brand to brand and checking your existing trainers as a guide can be a useful comparison if you have never tried the shoe before.

We always recommend comparing the centimetres of your existing trainers as a benchmark:

To find out your typical CM size, simply check the size label of an existing shoe you have. Then find the Feiyue closest CM/UK/EURO equivalent in the Feiyue sizing table below.

Poppy (CM) Poppy (UK) Poppy (EU)
23 UK 2 36
23.5 UK 3 37
24 UK 4 38
25 UK 5 39
25.5 UK 6 40
27 UK 7 41

Product details

Canvas Upper

Contrast Logo on Quarter

Glitter features

Rubber Toe Cap

Moulded Removable Insole

Rubber Sole 

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